Never Pay For Anything

Beware anyone who asks you for money in exchange for finding you a job. You should never pay for “exclusive” job leads or for a job itself. If you enlist the services of a career coach, resume writer or background-checking service, check references and get the agreed-upon fee in writing. Also, comparison shop to find […]

Protect Your Privacy

If you get a call from an unfamiliar recruiter, get her name, company and phone number. Check out the company at the Organizations page of DiversityWorking to see if they are really looking for you with a job in mind or just scamming you for your money. You can also look up the company’s phone […]

Check Out How Ethical Your Would-Be Employer Is

Do some research on a prospective employer’s reputation. Find out how well regarded it is within its industry. You can also look into whether it has a code of ethics and, if so, what the code says. You may also want to research its corporate philanthropy, political connections, company-sponsored foundations and environmental impact. Ask yourself […]

In Dire Straits or Built To Last?

A company’s financial future is a crucial factor in your decision to accept a job offer. You need to know that a company is stable and that its odds for longevity are good. A company that is starting may experience a few difficulties along the way, but a company that’s been around for a while […]

Your Commute, Your Workspace

Your commute is a key part of your workday, so you want to know what to expect. Make a trial run of your commute, and do it during rush hour. Also, during your interview, take note of the building, its surrounding area and your potential workspace. Is the company in a large campus or a […]

Getting The Pulse On Company Culture

Company culture often dictates how people interact with one another, what type of hours they work and their attire. To get a sense of company culture during your interview, pay attention to workers’ demeanor and dress. Ask questions such as “How are decisions made?” and “Does the company emphasize working in teams or individually?” You […]

Wait One Week Before Following Up

Majority of recruiters (53%) surveyed by HotJobs said wait at least a week before following up. A significant number (19%) said they preferred to contact candidates, rather than vice versa. It’s a good idea for candidates to follow up, if for no other reason than the fact that recruiters often don’t – especially for unsuccessful […]

Enhance Your Skills To Boost Your Job Search

* Developing your writing, speaking, planning and organizational skills can make you a stronger candidate and help you find a job. Plus, these skills can make your job search go more smoothly. * Strong presentation skills can help you interview and network more effectively. In some positions, presentation skills are a job requirement. But these […]

When The Going Gets Tough, Use Extreme Job Search Methods

People who use multiple job search strategies have more success than those who use just one or two. So when your job search gets tough, you want to be sure you’re covering all bases. Don’t forego informational interviews, recruiters and resumes for the extreme search. It’s OK to consider unusual ideas, but don’t do so […]

Power Up Your Online Job Search By Networking

Networking is one of the best ways to tap into the hidden job market – those great employment opportunities that are not advertised. In the real world, networking can be a time-consuming process. Online, you can meet and communicate with thousands of people with a single email directly from your desktop. You can develop more […]