Get To Know Your Prospective Employers Well

Thousands of employers post jobs online, and each company is a unique organization. To optimize your prospects for success, you must pick an employer that has the right opportunity for you and a management style and culture where you’ll be comfortable. There are several ways you can pinpoint the right employer for you:   * Ask […]

Add Range To Your Job Search With A Job Agent

Job searching can consume a lot of time in an already busy day. Signing up for Job Agents enable you to specify the kinds of jobs for which you’re looking, but not have to look for them yourself. The job agent compares your specifications to jobs posted on the site and sends you an email […]

Pump Up Your Online Job Search

The heart of your online job search is your resume. Load it up with keywords that recruiters and hiring managers use to describe the skills and experience in their job postings. Also, always include an email address on your resume. And, to protect your privacy, replace your home address and telephone number with a cell […]

Make Your Job Search Confidential

  * List your home address and phone number (or cell phone number) on your resume. Don’t include your business contact information.   * Create an email account specifically for your job search.   * Be cautious when responding to blind job ads. If the company sounds just like your current employer, they may be one and the […]

Use Job Shadowing To Land Your Next Job

Ideal for students, recent graduates, new job seekers and career-changers, job shadowing is a career discovery process. As a “shadow,” you spend time on the job with someone in a career that interests you. You can ask questions of your “subject,” or host, participate in workplace tasks and tour the company. To make the most […]

Each Work Experience Better Positions You For Your Next Job

Add your temp work to your work experience on your resume. * List the most important element first. For example, if temping at a certain company will help you score your next position, list the company name first, then the experience. If operating the latest equipment is paramount, list the skill first. Either way, identify […]

Use Temping As A Springboard to Bigger Opportunities

Whether you’re looking for short-term work, need some quick money or want a flexible schedule, temping is a great way to network, find out about new industries and learn new skills. Consider the following suggestions when temping: * Register with big and small temp agencies, * Take assignments of various lengths, * Try out new […]

Be Ready For A Credit Check

Although employers cannot view your credit report without your explicit permission, it’s a wise move to prepare if ever the question comes up in an interview. Some employers use credit checks as a simple character reference tool. A good credit report may indicate trustworthiness and reliability to a hiring manager. Others may use a credit […]

Leave Everything Else For The Interview

One of the best things a job seeker can do in creating a resume is to refrain from giving too much information. All that the personnel manager/recruiter needs to know is how much you know and what you can do for the company. The color of your eyes and hair are irrelevant to any position […]

Accentuate Your Work Experience

Craft a cover letter that stands out by focusing on your work experience, the length of time you worked on your past jobs, and the work responsibilities you had. Do the same with your resume/CV. Make it functional instead of a simple presentation of you and your capabilities.